dinsdag 12 juli 2011

Who is likely to succeed in getting rich?

Anyone in good health and of reasonable intelligence, provided they utterly commit themselves to the journey, can be succesful in getting rich. The commitment is vital.

Tunnel vision helps. Being a bit of an asshole helps. A thick skin helps. Stamina is crucial, as is the capacity to work so hard that even your friends mock you, your lovers despair and your rivals watch furtively from the sidelines, half in awe and half in contempt.

Self-confidence helps, but can be stimulated or acquired  along the way, Tenacity  is an absolute requirement. Luck helps, but only if you don't waste time seeking it. The belief that you have a great idea is not worth shit. Ideas are ten a penny while the ability to execute counts for a great deal more.

The answer to 'Who is likeley to succeed?', perhaps then, is this: not those who want to and not those who need to or those who deserve to, but who utterly determined to, whatever the cost to themselves and to those around them.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Agreed.
    I just wish I had the stamina.

  2. Simple yet sound advice. Determination and commitement is the key

  3. sob so.... touching.
    Better get my ASS around and do some work done.

  4. I'd agree with being an ass...being too nice gets you stepped on all the time T__T.