zondag 31 juli 2011

The Magic Of Boldness

The most succesful generals and admirals in history shared one characteristic: they were willing to disregard orders and risk disgrace in order to exploit  rapidly changing circumstances. When the chance came, they recognised an opportunity, weighed the odds swiftly and placed their lives and careers on the line to snacht a victory.

In short, they were bold, often turning a blind eye to previously agreed strategy while ignoring direct instructions from their superiors. As an entrepreneur you are unlikely to have to follow the orders of others, but the fetters of conventional wisdom can prove equally inhibiting.

Fortune favours not just the brave but the bold. Boldness has a kind of genius in it. It relies on the unexpected and can lead to catastrophic defeat because it ignores conventional wisdom, which often proves to be wisdom of a kind. But should boldness succeed, the resulting succes appears all the more devastating in the eyes of startled observers and rivals.

Opportunities to get succesful keep popping up. The more alert one is, the more chance one has of identifying an opportunity; the more preparation one has done, the more artillery one can bring to bear; the more self-belief one can muster, the more certain will be the aim; but the boulder the stroke , the better chance one has of confounding the odds.

All entrepreneurs have a short- or medium-term gameplan, it's the only sensible way to proceed in getting succesful. But should the chance offer itself, that game plan must be hurled aside and the watchword on the road to succes changed to: 'Carpe diem!'

zondag 24 juli 2011


Persistence is important, vital even, and requires a concerted effort of will and stamina to maintain. But it is not an end in it self. Nor is stubbornness persistence. Stubbornness implies you intend to persist despite plentiful evidence that you are reinforcing failure. A stubborn person fears to be shown that or she is wrong. A persistent person is convinced that he or she has been right allong; that the proof lies just around the corner.

'Never give in' is a useful catch phrase, but do not take too literally. We must all surrender at some time - to love, or desire, or death. You will be forced into the last, and a fool if you never surrender to the first. But never give in easily. If you can attempt one step further along the road to succes than appears sensible before calling a halt to regroup and chart a new course.

Above all, avoid banging your head against the same piece of wall. The wall will not get any softer. Persistence is only a virtue in getting succesful when applied with intelligence, and with the humility to accept that your may be flawed.

woensdag 20 juli 2011

Believe In Yourself!

Coupled with tenacity, self-belief lies at the core of getting succesful in life. Without self-belief, nothing can be accomplished. With it, nothing is impossible.

Persistence offers  you a second or third bite at the cherry. Tenacity ensures that you will continue to search for alternative ways to succeed. Self-belief encourages you to stare down failure and naysayers while tenacity works its magic.

It has been wel said that 'no one can make you feel inferior without your consent'. Self-belief reinforces this axiom and is priceless asset. We may profess to detest arrogance, yet isn't it true that we secretly admire it a little, too? Even though arrogance is a poor  thing compared to rooted self-belief - an imitation of the real thing.

Which is not to say that self-belief should be permitted to trample on doubt as arrogance is wont to do. Doubt is like pain: both are antennae - one attuned to fallibility, the other to malfunction. Far better to embrace our doubts; without them, there is only naked ego, the kind of certainty that leads to untrammelled arrogance, to cruelty, or worse.

If you will be guided by self-belief tempered by a generous dollop of doubt, whether or not you succeed on the road to succes, you will perhaps dislodge a pebble to ricochet down the very small mountain of your life. This, in turn, may wel create an avalanche that others will stand in awe of.

While I doubt I shall be among those clapping, you will certainty receive sufficient applause to repay your efforts. In time, you may even grow to enjoy the process.

maandag 18 juli 2011

Harnessing The Fear Of Failure

Anyone determined to create wealth from a standing start must make a pact with themselves to abandon the fear of failure. One cannot banish fear, but one can face it down, crush it, bury it, padlock it in the deepest recesses of your heart and soul - and leave it there to rot.

Just try. Go on, I dare you! Try for a single day; one whole day when you refuse to acknowledge fear of failure, fear of making yourself look like an idiot, fear of losing your lover, fear of losing your job, fear of falling ill, fear of  getting old, fear of any kind. If you can do this, you will transform your life.

Better still, you can harness fear. Think of it not as the King Kong of bogeyman, but as a mare. A night-mare. A mare is a horse. A horse can be tamed, bridled, saddled and ridden. Harnessing the power of a creature  that has oppressed you for so long will add mightily to your own. Thus the nightmare of prospective failure provides you with the very means to succeed, affording you the opportunity to feed on the adrenaline you will experience when you confront and master it.

Fear of failing in the eyes of the world is the single biggest impediment to amassing wealth. Trust me on this. It will cripple you. You must confront and harness it.

If you shy away, for whatever reason, then the gate to the road to succes is shut.

And it is shut for ever.

zondag 17 juli 2011

Ambition: The Tiger Chained To Your Ankle

What is the first question asked by strangers of each other? It's 'What do you do?'
In some cultures, the way of answering may be different; but nearly always relates to work: 'I'm in banking; I'm dairy farmer; I'm an administrator; I'm a soundengineer.' Our job defines us.

But it cannot define you. Not any more. You are a wild pig rooting for truffles. You are a weasel about to rip the throat out of a rabbit. You are an entrepreneur. You are going to be rich, and you don't much care, within the law, how you are going to do it. Or what must be sacrificed in the attempt.

You will do anything it takes, short of larceny, fraud, blackmail and murder. You may have cut yourself loose, but the tiger  chained to your ankle has come right along with you. He will always be with you, until the day you turn him loose by an effort of will. The day you leave the road to riches.

Until then, he requires pretty regular feeding. His name is Ambition. You can call him 'Ambo', if you like - but it won't make his teeth any less sharp.

You have changed in order to be free to make a whopping great fortune while your tiger scares the hell out of little old ladies and rivals. And yourself, for that matter. All self-made men and women are fettered to such companion, whether they choose to acknowledge his existence or not.

If you do not have a tiger handy as you read these words, I suggest you acquire one soon if you wish to amass serious wealth. Without him, all the tenacity in the world will avail you nothing.

vrijdag 15 juli 2011

Trust Your Instincts!

This is potentially lethal piece of advice. And yet, for me, it seperates the wannabes from the gonnabes. Perhaps, in the end, it is the difference between an attentive eternal lieutanant and the pirate captain who comes to won the ship.

You are not attempting to be a manager, or even a businessman. You are concerned with the getting of money. You must go with your gut. After that, the managers and the bean counters and financial advisors can take over. But only afterwards.

Trust your instincts. Avoid being a slave to them, but when those instincts are screaming Go! Go! Go! it is time for you to decide whether you really wish to be rich or not. You cannot do this in deliberate, considered manner. You cannot get rich painting by numbers. You can achieve it only as a lone predator: by out-waiting rivals; by remaining alert, constantly sniffing the air; by bringing murderous force to bear upon your prey.

And to do so without consulting anyone or anything but the secret servant of your compulsion.

Share the kill later, by all means. But if you want to get rich, trust your judgement when it calls - and leave those whos job it is to manage your business to pick up the pieces They can have the lesser quality bits.

But the heart and liver are yours!

Common Impediments

-If you are unwilling to fail, sometimes, publicly, and even catastrophically, you will never be rich.

-If you care what people think, you will never be rich.

If you cannot bear the thought of causing worry and concern to your family while you walk in the shadow of the road to getting rich, you will never be rich.

-If you stay too long working for others, you will never be rich.

-If you have artistic inclinations and fear the search for wealth will coarsen your talents or degrade them, you will never be rich. (Because your fear, in this instance, is justified.)

-If you are not prepared to work longer hours than anyone you know, you will never be rich.

-If you cannot treat your quest to get rich as a game - a silly game with serious rules - you will never be rich.

woensdag 13 juli 2011

Cut Loose From People

You have to cut loose to get rich. There isn't any other way. Cut loose from parents and family, obviously. Loose from working for others, except as a short-term reconnaissance expedition and in order to raise a fraction of the capital you will eventually require. And loose from negative influences - those naysayers and Jeremiahs who cover the face of the earth.

These wretchers will tell you, if you listen, of the impossibility - and the foolishness - of trying to make yourself richer than they are. In doing so, they can drain confidence and optimism from you. Surprisingly, such people may include your family, your lover, your husband or wife, or your friends.

It's not that they do not care about you; they may well do. But two fears confront them: they (openly) fear you are placing yourself in harm's way, which cannot be a good thing; and their own timidity. Above all, they do not wish to be faced with the messy chaos that accompanies strenuous effort and risk. They yearn for the familiarity and sense of false security conjured by the status quo.

This is why you must cut loose. Getting rich comes from attitude of mind. It isn't going to happen if things drift on pretty much the way they are right now.

Get Started Now!

There is no point in sitting around thinking about getting started - not just for the getting of money but for just about anything.

If you have not made up your mind already, promise yourself you will do so as soon as you have finished reading this blog. Better still, this post. Better still, do it right this minute - this 'unforgiving minute'.

Are you going to commit yourself to becoming rich by following this road? Well, are you?

Commit now, or leave such dreams behind.
Begin now, or turn away.

dinsdag 12 juli 2011

Common Excuses To Not Attempt To Get Rich

The three valid reasons for not attempting to become rich are: (1) I do not wish to get rich; (2) I would lik to be rich I but I have other priorities; and (3) I am too stupid to make the attempt.

The first reason is Teflon-coated and defies challenge - but one wonders just how many who use it would turn down a surprise inheritance of, say, $10 million?

The third reason is conundrum. Those smart enough to know they are none too bright might stand a better chance in getting rich than they imagine. The rich lists of the world contain a far number of succesful but stupid enterpreneurs.

Apart from those listed above, some of which are debatable, there are no other valid reasons why you should not get rich.

In truth, most of the so-called 'reasons' for not pursuing wealth are not reasons at all; they are excuses. Pitiful alibis, half truths and self-serving evasions you have erected to spare yourself from the quiet terror of taking your own financial destiny in your hands and making your dreams concrete reality. They are the children of fear and the parents of a thousand 'if onlys'.

Who is likely to succeed in getting rich?

Anyone in good health and of reasonable intelligence, provided they utterly commit themselves to the journey, can be succesful in getting rich. The commitment is vital.

Tunnel vision helps. Being a bit of an asshole helps. A thick skin helps. Stamina is crucial, as is the capacity to work so hard that even your friends mock you, your lovers despair and your rivals watch furtively from the sidelines, half in awe and half in contempt.

Self-confidence helps, but can be stimulated or acquired  along the way, Tenacity  is an absolute requirement. Luck helps, but only if you don't waste time seeking it. The belief that you have a great idea is not worth shit. Ideas are ten a penny while the ability to execute counts for a great deal more.

The answer to 'Who is likeley to succeed?', perhaps then, is this: not those who want to and not those who need to or those who deserve to, but who utterly determined to, whatever the cost to themselves and to those around them.

zondag 3 juli 2011

Jordan Belfort & Felix Dennis on Getting Rich


Millionaire Maker, Jordan Belfort explains how getting rich is easy, especially for those willing to change their approach.

Multi-Millionaire , Felix Dennis advice on how to get really rich. 

Changing the subject of my blog: Get Succesful in Life blog

I'm gonna stop with blogging about family guy and southpark and other bullshit. I'm going to change my blog's subject to how to be succesful in life. I will post advice from billionaires like Donald Trump, Warren Buffet, Felix Dennis, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and many more.

Starting today, the Be Succesful in Life blog.