dinsdag 31 mei 2011

I'm back!

Excuse me for my abscence. I had some personal things that I had to get done over the few weeks so I didn't have time to post anything. But I'm back now and will start posting asap.

But you know who has come back too? SOUTH PARK! The last two episodes were hilarious! They were really good. I''ll post soon more about the last two episodes of South Park. And for the geeks under us, I'm planning to post some technical posts.

But for now, enjoy my blog!

zaterdag 14 mei 2011

Latest South Park episode was really boring, again!

I don't get it, South Park has become boring and not funny. First episode was hilarious but the last two episodes were horrible and really boring. What happened? As you may have guessed, the last episode was about the royal wedding. I think they could have made this episode much funnier. This was a missed chance for South Park.

I expect them to come with a Bin Laden episode. Hopefully that one will be funny. Tell me what you think about the latest episode of South Park.

donderdag 12 mei 2011

Acer & Samsung come with Chrome OS laptops!

So google came with it's own operating system called Chrome OS and their own laptop, the chromebook Cr48. It's mainly designed for internet usage.. But now Acer and Samsung have come with their own Chrome OS based laptops. They announced this during the Google I/O 2011 event.

Both the Acer and Samsung laptops only need 10 seconds to boot! They're also equipped with long-lasting batteries and options for 3G connectivity.

The Acer laptop is the smallest of the two and has an 11,6 inch display and a bettery that last 6.5 hours. It only takes 8 seconds to boot up. It features two usb-ports, a webcam and an hdmi port. It will be available for $ 349

The Samsung series-5 laptop is with 12.1 inch SuperBright display a little bit bigger and it has a battery that lasts 8 hours. It also feautures dual-band Wi-Fi and a Core 2 Duo N570 1.66GHz processor. The prices are
$429(only Wi-Fi) and $499(3G).

So whould you buy one of these or would you rather go for Google's Cr48? Btw, I'm installing Chrome OS after this. If you too want to try Chrome OS out, here is a tutorial with a download link:


zondag 8 mei 2011

Tor: browsing anonymously has never been this easy!

You may  or may nothave heard about Tor. It's this FireFox addon browser that let's you surf the internet anonymously through encryption and proxy servers. Problem is, it requires both a browser extension and a standalone app to work. Leaving most of us horribly confused. So the Tor team decided to create its own fork of Firefix with private browsing feautures baked in. So the other benefit of this is that Tor will not have to wait on Mozilla to fix the bugs that affect privacy and security.

But for now: happy anonymous browsing!

Download: https://www.torproject.org/

zaterdag 7 mei 2011

South Park - Funny Bot episode was boring

It has been a few days since South Park aired the Funny Bot episode. It's the second episode in the new series. It was shit. The first episode about the humancentipad was much better. I liked how they mocked Apple. It was hilarious. But this episode was boring, Ok, I get the message behind it all. Which is don't take comedy seriously. There were some funny parts though, like the part when the Germans got angry because they got an award for the least funny people on earth. Their angry response was hilarious. At the end of the episode I spotted a little reference to the killing of Osama bin Laden. It seemed to be rushed in.

Southpark loses sometimes it's taste and that's why I think I grew to like Family Guy more. Every episode cracks me up. Well, I hope that there will be funnier episodes coming this series. I still love South Park though.

donderdag 5 mei 2011

Do you really care that Apple stores your location data?

You may have heard the fuzz. Especially if you own an idevice, like the iPad or the iPhone. So apparently some dudes discovered that Apple stores your location data in a hidden file. To be honest, when I heard about this I really didn't give a damn. I mean, I have nothing to hide and the location is stored anonymously. So why are so many people worried about this? Can someone lighten me up?

As you may have guessed, I have an iPhone 4 and I'm in love with it. Everything about it is great except for that it's made out of glass and that I need to be very careful with it. I think Apple has delivered a product as never seen before and the fact that my iPhone stored all my location data doesn't change my opinion about Apple.

Anyways, Apple has fixed the "bug" in iOS 4.3.3 update. Hopefully people will stop whining about this and enjoy their idevices.