donderdag 4 augustus 2011

Choosing The Right Industry

The world is full of money. Some of that money has your name on it. All you have to do is di it out of the mine - but which mine?

Certain industries are more glamorous than others. Some require huge investment, some can be conquered out of a garage. Some are growing, others are in decline. Should you choose only to operate in a glamorous, growing industry? Where is the most opportunity to be found? How do you choose the right mountain.

Forget glamour if the getting of money is your priority. Few of those who wish to start their own movie company own the coolest PR outfit in the world or steal Steve Jobs's gadget thunder will ever succees. The reason is obvious. The laws of supply and demand apply  not only to commodities but to the choices people make. Too many people wish to make blockbuster movies and live in Beverly Hills. Not enough people wish to start a landfill company and dig holes.

Gold rushes rarely happen in old mines. New or rapidly developing sectors often provide more opportunities to get succesfull. The reason for this include: (1) availability of risk capital; (2) investor ignorance  and greed; (3) the power of a rising tide.

Investors gravitate to emerging industries in the hope of making a killing. The power of a rising tide masks manu start-up diffuculties putting newer companis on a more even footing with larger, more established  operators, at least for a while. A rising tide floats al boats.