zaterdag 14 januari 2012


There is only one enemy: Time. Health, wealth, even love and affection can be reclaimed if all goes for the best; time never can. Time wasted can never be racaptured.

Time spent recharging your batteries and maintaining your physical and mental health is not wasted. It is a necessity. Time frittered away attending to tasks easily achieved buT relatively  inessential to your ultimate goal is wasted - a criminal waste of a precious resource.

Prioritising is the key - a key never discovered by surprising number of otherwise resolute entrepreneurs. If you will not prioritise  your tasks for the day, the week, the month(even for the year) and execute them on the basis of their relative importance, you remain at the mercy of your idle subconscious and happenstance.

The making of lists of things to do can be helpful, but not if ticking off items on lists in a random manner becomes a habit. It scarcely needs saying that the most difficult or odious tasks are those that require tackling first.

Ruthless prioritising in the getting of money is the sign of a disciplined, determined mind; one far more likely to succeed. The happy-go-lucky may call it an obsession. So what? I doubt you will meet many happy-go-lucky souls on the road to succes.

Prioritise everything in your working day!